Are you hurt?


Are you hurting?

Well, it’s good that you are hurting and you can feel the pain. Be grateful for feeling anything at all.

Feeling hurt is the first step to recovery. Without feelings you cannot begin to heal. And that is why feeling something or anything is important, even if it is being hurt.

In darkest of moments, you might feel every darn thing or nothing at all. It’s like you won’t be sad or hurt, you wont feel scared or anxious or lonely. You will never want to feel anything, you will just exist. As though feeling both your hands tied behind the back and watch the whole world falling apart over and over again.

It’s like getting stuck in a cage that is watching you over; helpless, crumbling into pieces. Everything you ever loved will leave you soon, no matter how are you try! You will witness it time and again, but helpless to react for being numb for years you feel.

It’s nothing like you wont ever be happy or you will no longer want to be happy and get rid of some force that had you tied, caged and exploiting; but you no longer know how to be happy and how does it feel to be happy… But it is great that you feel something, it may not be happiness but sure as that as that hell it is a great start.

There will be days and weeks where you will dread to feel anything and there are going to be days where you will be the happiest, feeling on cloud 9…sometimes, sad, sometimes depressed and sometimes happy, or nothing at all. But aim for feeling anything at all… It is important to feel something or anything for that matter to start on the path of living!


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