Lovers – Good or Bad!


It’s easy to expect something out of people and if you are expecting something out of someone/your partner then it’s completely normal.
Congratulations you are a human, but also understand the person you are expecting things from is a human too.

They say writers are fascinating, they make amazing lovers and a better human though a bit weird……and everyone now wants to fall in love with these writers and given the selfish nature of humans and reality of the world you’ll want these writers to fall in love with you.

Who would then love you, make you their poetries and live you with each word of their written works.

But, did you ever think that their imperfection and mess make them “writers”? Did you know they are as much cracked in their heads as you or may be more and the only difference is that they are able to express themselves well enough with their words and some of them can also take you in another world making you forget your own.

But, he knew! He knew what i was and how messed up I was! He rightly understood me more than anyone could understand anything in the whole world.

And when you understand something/someone you either love them like pyshopath or you hate them to the core and there’s no in between.

I cared about it long enough to find it’s not worth! So who cares….I am who I am and nothing is worth my true self!

So let’s #breakthestereotype and accept ourselves in the skin we reside.


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