Let me tell you something…


Falling in love with you is difficult, that’s what I thought. People are with you, rather they pretend to love you for your charm and personality. And loving you was an out of the syllabus kind of question for me.

How can I fall for you when I have already fallen and getting up again seemed difficult. To be honest, I started to enjoy that phase. It was my comfort zone, well, it is still my comfort zone that I visit once in a while.

We came closer, I started liking you, I thought I can be with you, but it will last no longer than a month or two. I was concerned about my looks to match up to yours, but more than that I was concerned about matching your affection for me.

I tried to break up with you. I was weak and I was pulling myself away from you, I couldn’t handle your love, your care, and affection. I didn’t know how to handle it, how to cope up with it, but you held us Strong, the way you look. But I also know, you are as tender by heart as strong you look and you are!

You showed me I can love and I can love you! You changed me. You made me strong, to accept my feelings. Strong enough to handle your unadulterated affection.

I know myself, I can control my feelings to an extent. I also know that if I am in love with someone, no matter what nothing can tame my love. And I did not want to scare you away with my feelings, but you showed me my love is not scary, it was never scary.

Falling in love with someone is easy, but retaining the same love and falling for him/her, again and again, is not easy. This love is eternal. And this millennial generation is too lazy-hearted to experience it.

I won’t promise some eternity, but I can say I am in love with you and I am falling for you every day. I am falling for you every time I talk to you and think about you, which is always!


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