Current status of women??


news-20-women-empowermentAccording to our constitution, women are the legal citizens of our country and have equal rights with men. Well, the current status of women in our nation says something else. I won’t say completely bad, but yeah! Many people claim that women face problems because of our male dominating society. My question is, who made this society a “male dominating society”? I am sure, men did not do it alone! I would say, men can’t do anything alone, neither can a woman! We are two sides of one coin. We can’t complete each other, but we complement each other. We talk about the welfare of our society, but it’s incomplete without empowering women.

Women are competent, but if only they think so. From participating in the nationalist movement to being pushed in the domestic household space, to the resurgence of the superwoman, we have seen it all in our country in past 69 years. Empowerment is a state of mind, unless and until women empower themselves, no one can.

I also believe everything comes with equal and competent responsibilities and duties. And women must be empowered, but at the same time, I would like to say that this empowerment/ this status must not be exploited, like what men did or say some of them are still exploiting the privilege that we shared with them!

It’s time to break free and take a charge of our own life; our desires, preferences, thoughts and needs! We must own ourselves better than anyone else can!


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