Simplifying your relationship….

It’s been a long time that I’ve written anything. I have no idea how, when and why did I lose my interest in writing, but the fact is, I have always loved writing and it’s also a part of my job. So, if I fail to generate good content for my company I will end up being a jobless person, like most of our country’s population.
Anyways, so I planned to resume my writing exercise again and I was wondering what I must write that the audience will like and appreciate. So, here’s something you MIGHT like to read. Actually, I was talking to a friend of mine over a topic, “Relationships”. Having a proper planned and systematic life or a relationship is a myth (though we think few of us have a better life than us, which is a complete lie), but having a planned life has it’s own perks, though some unplanned events will host you.When you plan your life, you have a clarity about what do you want and how you want it, the same applies for any relationship too.
As I was discussing this with my friend, we came to a conclusion that, planning a relationship has its own perks. You set boundaries and limitations, where you know when to move ahead. And we jotted down the levels of any relationship. Here is how it looks like,  I would like to simplify your relation. So, get started guys and see which step are you at with your significant partner. textgram_1484938948.png
Well, each one is very much of a self explanatory fact, but let me simplify this for y’ll.
1. Liking/Seeing each other: It’s more like, “Hey bro, I am seeing someone. Your bro got a ray of hope mahn…” Yeah, it’s a boasting phase, where you want o boast as well as don’t want to jinx it.
2. Dating: Where you genuinely like her but still can’t risk anything. It’s like you have reserved a table or picked up a garment in a store,but you so damn want to go to trail room to check if it fits you. Well, here you want to know that can you like her/ him even after spending a week or so?
3. Relationship: Oh the top fits you!!! Wait, is it too costly? Well, here you try to figure out is this THING/ relationship worth all emotions and efforts.
4. Commitment: Here you get though all thins and thicks of your life with this significant partner of yours. And at this stages, life, emotions/ feelings and everything gets cuter and the bond gets stronger. Your partner is your strength and your weakness too.
About rest, the engagement, marriage and the divorce/breakup (god forbids, we wish one never gets up to the final phase), you guys know very well about these. The pros and cons of these phases.

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  1. planned or unplanned you never know when you fa’ll in love it’s not planned apart from that you plan everything .I was not conviced with 1 st 2 step


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