I wish, she would come back again for once!


38-Simon-Davies-Dark-DawnAll day long, the ever mesmerizing scent of her made him feel her around, beside him, thinking perhaps he was mad! Was he?

It was just three nights ago, they walked through these cold nights hand in hand, through this ever lonely lane, his coat embracing her cold and pale body (it still smelled like her, sweet and fresh like the ocean breeze) reminding him of her skin.

It tormented him, being away from her, counting every minute, but the scent again, caressed his choked chest, worked shoulders reminding him of her. Those slow moving clock hands tormented him to set her thoughts aside, when the beaming warmth of the sun touched his skin.

He decided to see her, meet her and take her in his arms, but he knew she would never turn up again, he waited for her near her grave calling out her name loud enough to be heared across the two worlds. Telling her everything he never said, cursing himself for keeping his feelings to himself. He wished she could wake up again, taking him in her arms and say, “Hun, I love you! I miss you too”, wished she would come back again for once!


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