Some unfinished businesses…



For them, he days started and ended with each other. Them, being the ones they always wanted to be, doing what people eyed at, loving wildly, the way they always craved. They had a history that can never be erased even if someone rips off those pages. But that day they met for the last time, they never knew it would end like this. Did they want it to end? No!

The day starts with a beautiful smile on his face while he was lost deep in his sleep. Rare were the occasions when he had sound sleep like this giving her a moment to consume him entirely then and there. The urge to wake him up, see that smile coming alive got over all the sensibility and she ran her hand through his hair, brushing his cheeks playing with his beard. He woke up with a jerk and smiled when he saw her sitting beside him.

“Hun, how was your sleep?” She asked.

“Not as sweet as you, sweetie!” He replied while pulling her close to kiss her and his phone rang abruptly. Stepping out of the bed, going away, facing the window, he carried on with his conversation, while she got ready. He turned around and found her sitting at the dressing table. Coming back to the present, he moved towards her and wraps his arms around her neck from behind.

“All set for today?” He asked her planting a kiss on her head.

“Yes! You too get ready, we must leave soon, I’ve put your clothes in the bathroom.” She got up while saying this.

“Say no words, honey.” He said and kissed her, drawing her close to him.

“Who was it? Everything’s alright? She asked breaking the kiss.

“I have to leave, it’s urgent. I can’t be with you, can’t!” Before he could finish, she grabbed on to her bag and shoes to walk away, because she knew what he meant.

She left some words unsaid, some feelings untouched, some memories unpacked and some businesses unfinished.


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