“Hey, you awake?”



He asked her while her eyes were still closed. The first thing she heared after waking up or say, the voice she always wanted to wake up to was his. He kissed her cheeks rolling over to her side and wrapping her in his arms. With eyelids sill heavy she smiled at him and turned around to have a beautiful sight of him. If only it was normal…those feelings which rushed into her heart when she looked at his twinkling eyes. She wished it was normal… waking up to his beautiful smile every morning.


This thought brought several other thoughts along, the thought of leaving for work, the thought of him leaving the town, the thought of him leaving her…..will he come back for her, ever? Will he?  Will that always mean the same as it meant at that particular moment? She could barely keep things aligned, how would she keep him? Will she love him the way she loved him in that moment? These thoughts ran through her suffocating mind until he planted a sweet kiss on her cheeks waking her numb mind up. Her eyes wide open at the touch of his divine lips. And everything just blurred as the bubble of her mind bursted.

Rare were the occasions when she woke up before him and observed him closely, sleeping, studying his complex face, noticing the dark and beautiful facial hair “BEARD”, that beautiful scar on his head….listening to his rare calm breath. They were different, their life had no room for a house. They never could be around for each other when either of them needed the other. Satisfaction was the moment of acceptence, accepting the fact that they were meant to kill each other deep….deep enough that even a smile would burn those scars!

So all they did was to wake up eveytime and stare at each other silently but smiling! She buried herself in his shoulders to lose herself again….


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