Fragile in the world of his mysterious wanes



It comes a time when we grow, when we have to leave and explore new possibilities, ourselves, our future and the new world we enter. Or say the new world we choose to use as a veil to cover our scary and sinful past.

Even he tried to do so, tried to find the one he lost before they said Goodbyes. It feels like a mysterious pallor of the moon that he came alive, when he lies carelessly in bed caressing those memories and searching him in the oblivion, as though to feel the fragments of calming moonlight.

When the ferocity of words fails to touch him and all that he can hear is the comforting laughter of the girl, the girl who sheltered all his efforts. Shutting his eyes to the vivid details of the turmoil she left after, those caged dreams and that life trapped in another world.

It is the mysterious wanness of the moon that those feelings are yet untouched, those sturdy arms stretched on for the eternity to embrace. Looking at himself in the wardrobe mirror, all he see besides him is her; drinking in every inch of his soul, wrapping him in a filmsy cloak of colourful embellishments; a failed attempt though!
It is the mysterious wannes of moon that he is lost, his soul so naked, resting in anonymity, stripping off his thoughts for her. And yet repeating it……


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