The aftertaste lingers around those beautiful lips, tongues hovering over those sore lips, sitting on the edge of the bed facing the walled sized windows, his back to her face. Looking at the high towers, the crowded sky, “Do you even know what love means?”

“Suddenly where is it coming from?” she was puzzled by the question. “Just a random one honey.” planting a kiss on her forehead. caressing her cheeks with the tip of his sharp nose and turns back to those towers trying to find something.

Looking at him, then she turned off her shoulder to the world, the world that dragged them out of their bubble. It’s the bubble that put them together. Always! The world never mattered to them. No one mattered to him.

She always wondered if that bubble was something that mattered to him, if she did. But somewhere she knew she did not, yet she never gave up. Never gave up on him, never gave up on the bubble.

Every time she saw him, emotions rushed through her heart, did he loved her? Was she a part of his life, not just a bubble that flew away every time he went back to the world, to his family? She lived in oblivion. What was love for her? What was love for him? Did that, in any way affected them?


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