Random thoughts!!!!


Weekend! What people are so fond of, while I hate it the most. Not for I have not much friends to party or booze around! It’s because I myself don’t want people around me! It’s just that, having no one around always gave me space to chill and breath in my own convenience.
My mother says I’ve always been like this, avoiding people, avoiding social life. But, somehow I feel, being alone is the only thing that makes me feel safe. It’s not because I am keeping myself from heartbreak or so. There’s something more than being so cheesy all the time. When I say i love to be alone, people judge me of being through some heartbreak or something like the sad thing! But it’s not always true.
I wonder why people have this thing of making their own assumptions as they like.  Why always trying to be a writer or thinker?
I sometimes wondered if I made sense to people or not, but then I somehow knew it’s no where close to their business to understand me. Infact, I wouldn’t try to understand someone.
Though now I really want to know this person. Like, really! This person, I have a crush on since a long time! Or can say since more than 8 months. Never had courage to accept. Always thought how will that be if I tell him what I felt? How will he react to this? A girl expressing herself to a guy who barely care about it? Thinking about him, or more about what will he think when I tell him about all this, I passed a great deal of time yet not so long.
I know currently I make no sense for scribbling this stuff here but this is what randomness get to when you are on bed watching the dark ceiling come to bright with the sunrise and making up stories in mind that rarely come true. I am writing all this because I know he wouldn’t read this side of me.
By the way, they say, “if a crush last more than 6 months, it grows into love.” Really??


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