When shadows meet….


I saw a shadow walking in a deep and dark lake as I walked, step by step. Each of mine was followed in the shadow’s steps. He walked gracefully, The stars glittered in the water, the lake wasn’t as bright as it was when the shadow walked in it with me. It followed me as I walked by the lake.

2E5C181D00000578-3314643-image-m-30_1447287820993.jpgThe voice of the nightingale was unusually magical, loud enough to burn our souls. Evidence of their presence was as minimal as the shadow. While the moon enjoyed breezes dancing in joy. All I could see was his shadow in the lake which was blurred as the drop of rain fell on the face of his shadow. The clouds exploded as I walked quickly to reach out to him. His shadow was lost as much that not even a single trace of him was left behind. The lake drowned his shadow.

Right when I turned back to leave for shade, I found him standing right behind me. His eyes dark, looking deep through my eyes. He held my hand without letting my eyes move away from his face. Each rain drop falling on him found its way through his beard, wetting it, tickling him, playing hide and seek there. I envy each of the drop that touched him.

We found our shade to escape the water eruption. Standing right in front of each other, our voices left us alone. The silence moved in slowly cutting its way through the thunders and rain. He still had my hand in his, both my hands. He pushed me by surprise, yet not leaving my hands and pulled back, close to him, close enough that the sound of our pounding hearts became our late night melody to dance. He touched me with his soul and I touched him with my heartbeats.

Dancing in cold rainy night, this is what happens when shadows meet…..


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