Their Mental Asylum Date….


She was sitting on the bed, her back facing the door while she was writing and painting something on the wall right in front of her. As he enters the room, he finds her writing, smiling, blushing, and laughing. He finds his joy in seeing her happy, happy for some unknown reason.

He calls her, “Honey!”

“Honey? Are you listening?”

She, lost her in her own world, unaware of his presence, continues to laugh and write on the wall, paint something, her hands all coloured till her elbows. He moves ahead towards her, with her favourite Daisy flowers and the book she loved the most. He stood right behind her, smiling.

“Baby! See what I got for you.” She turns back as he whispers in her ears.

Looking at the flowers and the book she jumps out of the bed in excitement and grabs them.

“You like it?” He asks.

“Yes, I love it. I love it, how do you know? Who are you?” She asks him as he looks at him. She looked puzzled, but not him.

“I am you Hun. You love me. We meet everyday. I bring them everyday for you.” He points out at the corner of the room, where there was a pile of her favourite book. “You remember?”

“Yes! you are my genie. Aren’t you?” She ask like a child.

“Hmm….yes I am.” He smiled. That’s all he could say.

“Will you come on a Date with me?” He holds his hand out and she fills the space between his fingers. He played some music. The soothing music she liked, they liked. And they danced, their Old-school favourite songs played in the background. She laughed in joy as the music played and they tapped their feet. He played the same songs to remind her of the life they had out of this Mental Asylum.

Suddenly she stops and pushes him away as the music played in the background. It continued to play. She pushed him away, hit him with the colour pens she had, pillows, everything that got in her hands.

“I hate you! I hate you!” That’s all she could say before the nurses gave her the injection she always hated and was scared of. She shouted and he cried. They cried.

He cried for her and she cried of the pain.Larundel-Mental-Asylum-Bundoora-Melbourne-Australia-12.jpg


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