You got my part of your soul!


Long back we got apart, finding our new paths, with little of our past that we could carry. You carried a bit while leaving the whole deal for me. You have no idea how it feels like to be engrossed in your memories, to embrace the time we have spent together.
Carrying our memories, our smiles, our words, our promises along, on the path I walk alone. I still got the game with me that I played while you kept talking, I got your words you spoke then.
Those good nights, good mornings and those break time calls, our family’s get together. Those talks about you and me getting together, us smiling, blushing and looking at each other. The part of you I crave for. Your caring calls i carve for.  Your silly talks i crave for. Your tricks to make me jealous i crave for.
I carry that all with me. I carry us with me. I won’t deny you got some with you, the most important part of us, you took away from me. Yes, you did.

You got my part of your soul with




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