Our Wordless Story


It’s when he came out and started talking to everyone, where i was a part of that everyone. Right in front of me he stood, though never noticing me, as if I never existed for him. Not even for a moment.
His words directly found their way in my ears and from there they got a bypass to my heart though my mind denied accepting them. His eye on fire, his forehead tensed, looking at everyone but me. May be just because I was standing close enough that he can even see me?
I moved, trying to escape and leave the room. As I walked my wedges made its weird sound that got me everyone’s eyes. Yet avoiding that all I continued walking and right when I reached up to the door he called out my name. I turned back to see him and found him already pinning his eyes on me.
I walked back to him again to know what he had to say, without breaking the eye contact. Neither did he looked away. I looked at him in confusion while he was so firm with his look. He already knew what he wanted to do and where was he going looking deep inside my eyes. My blood raced with the time.

He looked deep inside through my soul taking away my breath. His looks so intense that felt like he wanted to destroy our souls without hurting any. He looked deep penetrating right from my eyes through my mind and each and every nerve of my body that helped me stand letting me feel so light at my feet that I could barely stand.

He did all his talking through his eyes. Right when my eyes felt free to talk to him, and when they got familiar with his finding a spiritual between one another, his friend interrupted. He wanted to say something, I wanted to say something, but that left untold, unheard, just like our wordless story.



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