I loved you too but as a friend…..#1


“You have been so good and accepted me every time i messed up and pushed you away. I want to give back something in return…..let’s get into a relationship.” It’s when my love was valued, valued or devalued? I tried hard to convince him that relationships for repaying doesn’t work, but only if he wanted to understand.
We got into relationship. There wasn’t any day when i did not ask him to think over it again, he always got out of it by changing the topic. We called, texted, talked everyday from the time we woke up to the time we closed our eyes. That continued for almost 28 days when i finally decided to confront him and i forced him to re think over this relationship. Asked him to take time and let me know what he had in his mind and heart.
This time he had to do what i asked him to do. Day one passed without hearing from him….wasn’t that bad but yet some kind of nervousness i felt, may be it was because i was expecting my final results as well as what he had for me.
Day two: my result day and also the day when he called me. I got my result and wasn’t in a state to digest the result i saw on my laptop screen and he called.
“I thought about it…you were right relationships aren’t games. I never felt anything for you. I wanted this relationship for you being nice to me. I LOVED YOU TOO BUT AS A FRIEND.” I struggled to control my tears while inside my heart sobbed. It was when i felt someone just burnt my world but this time it was he himself.



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