#Confession Part 2


She was right! Her words, she, freaked him out! Left him speechless. Speechless for days….weeks….months…. She knew, he never did feel for her and never expected her to feel so.
Feelings are inevitable.
But, he gave it a chance, messaged her back, with the same crazy essence. They got their self back, the old of them. He forgot that night but she couldn’t, and never let him feel that. She did not want to him again.
He was hers, though just a friend. Days passed….weeks passed….months passed with the same routine. They talked, met, hang out with each other.
But something was still disturbing them both. And that was her feelings for him. She wasn’t able to control them, hide them from him….he certainly knew that all, her efforts to be as normal as possible.
And that was when she couldn’t kill herself inside anymore and pretend to be happy. She pushed him away. Never messaged, replied to her messages or answered his calls. He messaged her everyday. Her days started with his morning wishes and ended with a touch of his presence. He waited for her replies but she never turned up, and all she did was sit back and cry, because she knew, he loved her but just as friend.
Leaving all hopes, he left a last message…
” I love you too. #Confession”



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