# Our Bubble World Part 1


It’s so good to have someone in life, whom you can share your feelings with. It’s worth having that person in life, who make you more comfortable than you can make yourself. That person who makes you feel safe in their arms, makes you forget the world.

People say love is a myth….we can say that isn’t if only then knew, how magical it is to love someone, how magical it is to be loved by someone you love the most. The purest of all the feelings is love….no adulteration. It’s that person who makes you feel special.

I got that person too….I live with him in a bubble world of us. A world that we made with our feelings, emotions, respect and just love for each other. Our bubble where we have our beautiful little world. A world, where, melodies of our heartbeats tops the playlist. 1

The bubble where random thoughts, random kisses, random hugs, random emotions are welcomed. The bubble where, it’s never about second thought. The bubble feels so new every time we see each other. The feeling so real just like dewdrops in a fresh new morning.

It’s our little world that has all our secrets….the dark side of us, our desires. The world that allows us to know ourselves better, to know each other better. Our little world, where he belongs, to me and I belong to him….the world that belongs to us.





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