He was just another guy in a crowd of millions around. Around people yet so lonely. Just an ordinary guy. He was probably lost on the people around for they were the so called Society we refer to them as. Yet he had something, something that made him special, different from others.
His eyes so deep and dark inside. Hiding emotions deep buried in his heart. His eyes spoke more than he could ever. The language of his eyes was like braille to me. The reflection of me in his eyes was eternal. The reflection of me in his eyes made me believe in myself.
His nose was the path where my eyes travelled from his eyes to his lips. Every word coming out o


f his mouth, passing those finely structured lips got me love my own. Each word he spoke was intoxicating.
His cheeks, his jaws containing all his 32 gemstones, was as perfectly designed as his heart pure and divine. His jawline made me restless wanting to hold his face caress it and trial down my fingers to his fine chin.


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