who will take all our memories with?


Just a step away, he stood, his back facing her. Her head full of all the questions she wanted to ask him, yet her lips failed to support her thought. Her mind silently questioning him. Her hand still holding his hand to keep him to herself and never let him go. She wished he looked back at her for once and talk to her. She wished he could know exactly what she wanted. She wanted him to know that he belonged to her.
Just like her, his voice left his throat and could not reach up to her. He didn’t turn back to see her. He knew if he did, he won’t be able to leave aside. He wanted to run back to her and lift her up in his arms and express his emotions but he failed.
He wished she could have asked him to stop and never go. She wished he could have stayed. She  wished he knew what is he leaving behind in my life is a blank space. A dreadful scar.
And he finally turns back, holding all his emotions in his eyes get not letting them be obvious to her. He turned back with a cold and stubborn  smile.
The pupils of her eyes expanded seeing his face, his eyes set on her, gazing into her eyes. Her eyes widened waiting for him to say something, something that she was waiting to hear.
And he spoke…..She kept listening to him stunned. Listening to him carefully, every single word spilling out of his mouth.
“Who will take all our memories with?
You or Me?”



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