#Confession Part 1


It all started when he first messaged her to appreciate her writings, late at night.
“You write so fine, something everyone can relate to.” said his first message.
“Thank you for reading.” A closure for the conversation.
But, for a twist, they kept exchanging messages and some good late night conversations, emotions. And it all started.
As the time passed, he started sharing his feelings with her while she just kept listening.
He cared for her, cared for her smile, her feelings. Her emotions (As a friend). And on the other side she started taking his words seriously. His witty jokes, his every single words made sense to her. All she could think about was him. Only Him!
It was a sweet pinky bubble he said we lived in, while, to her, it meant more than that. The bubble was no more just a bubble, it was the only world to her. She wanted to tell him everything. Everything about her feelings. For him!


She always tried find words to express herself and not freak him out. 

One night, she couldn’t resist anymore. And after their good enough conversation, when he said good night, she replied with something he freaked out at.
“I feel for you. #Confession.”


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