Your love


Your love…..
Your name. Your presence. Your eyes. Your tensed forehead. Your smile. Your dimples. Your lips. Your arms. Your love.
Everything about you is craze for me. My heart skips a beat when the sound of your name enters my ears. This feeling is something that can’t be expressed in words. Your presence makes me restless. My eyes wants to play this hide and seek game with yours. The spark in your eyes lightens my soul.  Your forehead, where all your tensions lie about me. About us. Makes me want to touch those tensed lines and caress. Instantly I want to kiss all your worries away.
Your smile is the best thing to witness. Seeing your smile starts my day. You dimples are the sparkling stars for me.
Honey, your lips drives me crazy. The way you bite your lower lip and move your fingers in your hair….its something I can give up anything for. Seeing you do this, I just want to run up to you. Crawl into your arms. Those arms which cradles all my anxiety. Those arms which makes me feel so safe. They way you hold me and blurs the vision of this cruel… Cruel world.
Its all about your love I crave for. Its all about your love that I have been thinking about. Your love is something nobody can replace.



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