With him.



We stood facing each other on the edge of the terrace and kept and looked into each other’s eyes…like the world has stopped, like even the time wants to stay with us and witness the glory of this pure feeling, like the breeze wants to calm the fire our love has ignited.
Wanting to bridge the difference of words between us, wanting to convey the overflowing feelings we had for each other, wanting to hold each other in our arms and never wanting loosen our arms for them to even take a step back.
His mouth parts for saying something… And my eyes not leaving the view of his lovely lips. His eyebrows tensed….my ears longing to hear the sound of his voice.
Our eyes meet again and he turns around and walk away from me….leaving me there alone like a statue. I want to call out his name loud and run into his arms…but I fail yo move….my voice fail to come on my lips….I scream inside. My vision blurs, I see him walking away from me through the drops of tears coming out of my eyes…yet he refuses to look back once….look back at me once….look back at the memories he gave me once.
I see him walking….walking away….slowly…out of my vision… Out of my life….leaving his imprints in my heart, on my mind.
All of a sudden, our life flashes in front of my blur visioned eyes….with him. My life with him. My mornings with him. My laughter with him. My smiles with me, because of him. My tears with him. My crazy, stupid talks with him. My hide and seek games with him. My pillow fights with him. My sleepless sad nights with him. My end with him?


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