“Only When You Are Ready.”



He held his hand out to help her step out of the car….taking his hand she steps out while he is looking at her carefully.

She steps out, mesmerised by the dusky morning, where the sun has just started to show up. They walk along the seashore, their hands brushing together and her fingers tempted touch his pure and smooth skin waving against her as they walked. As they continue walk, his fingers find their way to fill the gap between her fingers.

With the rising sun, he lifts her up in his arms and walks into the water. In her ears he whispers in her ears, “Do you trust me?”

“More than anything.” she tries to match his tone. And he walks inside the water deep…..even more deep! Just to know if she panics or stays calm even when he gets her in trouble. Then puts her down on her feet, holds her hand and they walks to the land again.

She bends down a little to get some water in her palms and sprinkles it on his face. The water drops flows down his right eye to his jawline through his beards finding its way to his neck….and he looks at her in shock as she giggles. She walks away from him, he looks at her with peace and she turns around to see and find him rushing towards her and she kind of runs to escape his catch as he tries to catch her. And finally he grabs her by her waist, their eyes meet, they are comes close enough that their breath merge together. She closes her eyes and her heartbeat fastens as he comes closer. He could feel her blood racing, her heart beating fast and her breathing heavy.

“Only when you are ready sweetie.” Saying this he frees her from his hold. She turns around and start to walk and he grabs her hand and comes close to her while he has her back and whispers into her ears “Only-when-you-are-ready.” letting out  the words slow enough to let them make their way to her heart.


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