Sailing in the same boat.


It was when the night sky was lit so bright. The stars so bright, screaming out their heart yet so calm. We felt something we were not able to express in words. Our words fell weak. Every time we said something we wished it was what we actually had in our hearts.

Every time I saw him my mouth fell open with an “aww”. Was definitely under his spell. The smile on his face every time we met.

On the other side all we had in our hearts was the fear…..fear of one another. Fear of losing the other one. Fear of the feelings. Fear of our hearts getting shattered all again. Fear of us falling apart. Fear of our crystal heart.

I was scared if I was the only one for him? If it was all true? Was I dreaming? did he really love me? Do I deserve this all? His love? His feelings?

While he was worried if I ever wanted to go back to my past, leaving him all alone. He was worried if I will ever be happy with the efforts he put in to make me feel good, make me happy.

Finally when decide to talk it all out…. He did it well. Explained me all his worries. A person having no good relation with words did it so well and soothing it was. When I was to explain things I messed it up with my words. Sometimes choosing words means a lot. Yet he understood what I meant, what I had in my heart. This is when we realised we both had feelings but were scared of each other.
We were sailing in the same boat.


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