Are you hurt?


Are you hurting?

Well, it’s good that you are hurting and you can feel the pain. Be grateful for feeling anything at all.

Feeling hurt is the first step to recovery. Without feelings you cannot begin to heal. And that is why feeling something or anything is important, even if it is being hurt.

In darkest of moments, you might feel every darn thing or nothing at all. It’s like you won’t be sad or hurt, you wont feel scared or anxious or lonely. You will never want to feel anything, you will just exist. As though feeling both your hands tied behind the back and watch the whole world falling apart over and over again.

It’s like getting stuck in a cage that is watching you over; helpless, crumbling into pieces. Everything you ever loved will leave you soon, no matter how are you try! You will witness it time and again, but helpless to react for being numb for years you feel.

It’s nothing like you wont ever be happy or you will no longer want to be happy and get rid of some force that had you tied, caged and exploiting; but you no longer know how to be happy and how does it feel to be happy… But it is great that you feel something, it may not be happiness but sure as that as that hell it is a great start.

There will be days and weeks where you will dread to feel anything and there are going to be days where you will be the happiest, feeling on cloud 9…sometimes, sad, sometimes depressed and sometimes happy, or nothing at all. But aim for feeling anything at all… It is important to feel something or anything for that matter to start on the path of living!


Let’s start our walk through your silent world?


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick!
right amidst the silence
Reminding me there’s still life somewhere!
And for how long?
Because no longer I can take this silence!
And if I have to then,
You must take me
To the silence theatres of your mind!
I want you to shoot questions
Of your silent eyes!
And when my words won’t suffice
When it won’t heal the hurt the hurts inside
I will Soothe you
Caress your hurt
With my vulnerabilities.
I will show you what love is!
It is pure and loyal
Although you never believed.
As true as your eyes.
So, let’s start our walk through your silent world?

What do you do when your words fail you?


They say words give you power, your words help you to convey your feelings.
You write to express
You write to impress
You write to escape
Your words bare your soul to the one who rightly wins your heart
Your words bare your greedy fangs yearning for ears

But what you do when your words fail you? I really want to know for myself..
I want to know what you do when your words fail your emotions and feelings?
What you do when your words bind you?
What you do when your words cage your soul inside your heart to ripe and rot?

Lovers – Good or Bad!


It’s easy to expect something out of people and if you are expecting something out of someone/your partner then it’s completely normal.
Congratulations you are a human, but also understand the person you are expecting things from is a human too.

They say writers are fascinating, they make amazing lovers and a better human though a bit weird……and everyone now wants to fall in love with these writers and given the selfish nature of humans and reality of the world you’ll want these writers to fall in love with you.

Who would then love you, make you their poetries and live you with each word of their written works.

But, did you ever think that their imperfection and mess make them “writers”? Did you know they are as much cracked in their heads as you or may be more and the only difference is that they are able to express themselves well enough with their words and some of them can also take you in another world making you forget your own.

But, he knew! He knew what i was and how messed up I was! He rightly understood me more than anyone could understand anything in the whole world.

And when you understand something/someone you either love them like pyshopath or you hate them to the core and there’s no in between.

I cared about it long enough to find it’s not worth! So who cares….I am who I am and nothing is worth my true self!

So let’s #breakthestereotype and accept ourselves in the skin we reside.

Surely his poetry!


I might just be your girl,
But someone out there is preparing
His vocabulary to make me his poetry
Maybe not the most beautiful one,
But the one that will touch his heart and
Stay dear to him
The one that will ruin him,
At the same time it will be his cure!
That’s how he will express himself, not with words, but with my essence

Let me tell you something…


Falling in love with you is difficult, that’s what I thought. People are with you, rather they pretend to love you for your charm and personality. And loving you was an out of the syllabus kind of question for me.

How can I fall for you when I have already fallen and getting up again seemed difficult. To be honest, I started to enjoy that phase. It was my comfort zone, well, it is still my comfort zone that I visit once in a while.

We came closer, I started liking you, I thought I can be with you, but it will last no longer than a month or two. I was concerned about my looks to match up to yours, but more than that I was concerned about matching your affection for me.

I tried to break up with you. I was weak and I was pulling myself away from you, I couldn’t handle your love, your care, and affection. I didn’t know how to handle it, how to cope up with it, but you held us Strong, the way you look. But I also know, you are as tender by heart as strong you look and you are!

You showed me I can love and I can love you! You changed me. You made me strong, to accept my feelings. Strong enough to handle your unadulterated affection.

I know myself, I can control my feelings to an extent. I also know that if I am in love with someone, no matter what nothing can tame my love. And I did not want to scare you away with my feelings, but you showed me my love is not scary, it was never scary.

Falling in love with someone is easy, but retaining the same love and falling for him/her, again and again, is not easy. This love is eternal. And this millennial generation is too lazy-hearted to experience it.

I won’t promise some eternity, but I can say I am in love with you and I am falling for you every day. I am falling for you every time I talk to you and think about you, which is always!

Current status of women??


news-20-women-empowermentAccording to our constitution, women are the legal citizens of our country and have equal rights with men. Well, the current status of women in our nation says something else. I won’t say completely bad, but yeah! Many people claim that women face problems because of our male dominating society. My question is, who made this society a “male dominating society”? I am sure, men did not do it alone! I would say, men can’t do anything alone, neither can a woman! We are two sides of one coin. We can’t complete each other, but we complement each other. We talk about the welfare of our society, but it’s incomplete without empowering women.

Women are competent, but if only they think so. From participating in the nationalist movement to being pushed in the domestic household space, to the resurgence of the superwoman, we have seen it all in our country in past 69 years. Empowerment is a state of mind, unless and until women empower themselves, no one can.

I also believe everything comes with equal and competent responsibilities and duties. And women must be empowered, but at the same time, I would like to say that this empowerment/ this status must not be exploited, like what men did or say some of them are still exploiting the privilege that we shared with them!

It’s time to break free and take a charge of our own life; our desires, preferences, thoughts and needs! We must own ourselves better than anyone else can!

​What is comfort zone? 


Well, each one of us is still struggling through this, to either find or identify one. And the meaning of ‘comfort zone’ varies for each one of us, it is subjective. 
For some people, comfort zone is surrendering their body to someone defines their comfort zone. 

For some people, their friends are their comfort zones. Spending a whole day doing meaningless things around. 

For some people, being able to share their craziness with someone is their comfort zone.

Pulling off all the veils of world and submitting one’s soul to the other, not to please them, but to gamble with it. It’s the best Lind of comfort zone. You not only experience peace, but also the chaos that keep you alive.

Simplifying your relationship….

It’s been a long time that I’ve written anything. I have no idea how, when and why did I lose my interest in writing, but the fact is, I have always loved writing and it’s also a part of my job. So, if I fail to generate good content for my company I will end up being a jobless person, like most of our country’s population.
Anyways, so I planned to resume my writing exercise again and I was wondering what I must write that the audience will like and appreciate. So, here’s something you MIGHT like to read. Actually, I was talking to a friend of mine over a topic, “Relationships”. Having a proper planned and systematic life or a relationship is a myth (though we think few of us have a better life than us, which is a complete lie), but having a planned life has it’s own perks, though some unplanned events will host you.When you plan your life, you have a clarity about what do you want and how you want it, the same applies for any relationship too.
As I was discussing this with my friend, we came to a conclusion that, planning a relationship has its own perks. You set boundaries and limitations, where you know when to move ahead. And we jotted down the levels of any relationship. Here is how it looks like,  I would like to simplify your relation. So, get started guys and see which step are you at with your significant partner. textgram_1484938948.png
Well, each one is very much of a self explanatory fact, but let me simplify this for y’ll.
1. Liking/Seeing each other: It’s more like, “Hey bro, I am seeing someone. Your bro got a ray of hope mahn…” Yeah, it’s a boasting phase, where you want o boast as well as don’t want to jinx it.
2. Dating: Where you genuinely like her but still can’t risk anything. It’s like you have reserved a table or picked up a garment in a store,but you so damn want to go to trail room to check if it fits you. Well, here you want to know that can you like her/ him even after spending a week or so?
3. Relationship: Oh the top fits you!!! Wait, is it too costly? Well, here you try to figure out is this THING/ relationship worth all emotions and efforts.
4. Commitment: Here you get though all thins and thicks of your life with this significant partner of yours. And at this stages, life, emotions/ feelings and everything gets cuter and the bond gets stronger. Your partner is your strength and your weakness too.
About rest, the engagement, marriage and the divorce/breakup (god forbids, we wish one never gets up to the final phase), you guys know very well about these. The pros and cons of these phases.

Magic of words


Her bites marked love notes on his skin. Those marks held secrets of those magical moments. The movement of every muscle had a rhythmic impact on their longing souls. Her breath melted through those lips as his skin found trails of hers. Words woven over and over for the world that decided to kill them apart.